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Plug & Play Law Information Pack


If you are a solicitor practising or wishing to practise law in Scotland and would like to receive in the post a full Information Pack on Plug and Play Law please complete the form below and we will post one out to you.

The Information Pack contains all you need to know about the Plug and Play Law model at Inksters. It will get you thinking about a different future for your practice of law.

What is in it?

Your Information Pack on Plug and Play Law includes:

  • Plug & Play Law Guide. Information on how joining Inksters will give you more of the fees you generate; complete freedom of how, where and when you work; and allows you to focus on doing the legal work that you love to do. Read about the nine benefits of joining Inksters as a self-employed consultant rather than setting up on your own or with others or, indeed, being employed by or in partnership with others.
  • Guide: 9 Critical Questions to ask when choosing which fee-share law firm to join in Scotland.
  • Book: The Great Legal Reformation – Notes from the Field by Mitch Kowalski. Read Chapter 10 for information on Inksters.
  • The Parliamentary Review – Highlighting best practice in law at Inksters.
  • Sample marketing material and items to show how we work with our consultants to help them market their business via Inksters.

Why do you need it?

The Information Pack will really help you learn about an innovative business model that is the future of legal practice. A recent report by Arden Partners highlights why 50,000 consultant lawyers in the UK by 2026 might not be a stretch of the imagination. You could be one of those consultant lawyers in Scotland. Find out why and how.

How do you get it?

Request your Plug and Play Law Information Pack now!

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