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Forward Thinking Law

Inksters appoint a Chief Operating Officer and open for business in Dunkeld - Left to Right - Adam Johnson, Katherine Paulin and Brian Inkster (Photo by Iain MacLean)

Inksters appoint a Chief Operating Officer and open in Dunkeld

Inksters have appointed Adam Johnson as their Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Glasgow and Katherine Paulin joins them as a consultant solicitor in Dunkeld. Adam has held various senior positions within Third, Private and Public sectors, typically within operational management roles, before joining Inksters. Katherine joins Inksters from J & H Mitchell in Pitlochry. She…
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Women Lawyers at Inksters with a flat structure

52% Women

Unlike most law firms, at Inksters we don’t have a hierarchical structure. Our structure is flat. Our lawyers are all amongst equals. Our structure is balanced. 52% of our people are women. Our lawyers can build their client base, develop their business and collaborate in a completely unrestricted way. They also have complete flexibility on…
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Brian Inkster - Inksters - Plug & Play Law

Inksters launch Plug & Play Law

Inksters Solicitors have launched Plug & Play Law in a drive to build on and enhance their business expansion in Scotland. Plug & Play is a term for law firms coined by Mitch Kowalski in his book ‘The Great Legal Reformation: Notes from the Field’ that features Inksters. Mitch Kowalski refers to Plug & Play…
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