Inksters appoint a Chief Operating Officer and open in Dunkeld

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Inksters appoint a Chief Operating Officer and open in Dunkeld

Inksters appoint a Chief Operating Officer and open for business in Dunkeld - Left to Right - Adam Johnson, Katherine Paulin and Brian Inkster (Photo by Iain MacLean)

Inksters have appointed Adam Johnson as their Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Glasgow and Katherine Paulin joins them as a consultant solicitor in Dunkeld.

Adam has held various senior positions within Third, Private and Public sectors, typically within operational management roles, before joining Inksters.

Katherine joins Inksters from J & H Mitchell in Pitlochry. She deals with all aspects of residential and commercial property, wills and powers of attorney.

Inksters’ Chief Operating Officer

Adam Johnson - Inksters Chief Operating Officer

Adam Johnson said, “It is an absolute privilege to be joining Inksters as Chief Operating Officer. It feels that, given the variety of careers and industries I have experienced and with recently graduating from Strathclyde University with my MBA, it has all led to this and I couldn’t be happier.”

Solicitor in Dunkeld

Katherine Paulin - Solicitor - Inksters - Dunkeld

Katherine Paulin said, “I am delighted to be joining Inksters at this time in my career. I have two young children and had reached a point in my life where I thought I might have to make a choice between my family and my career. However, the freedom and flexibility afforded by Inksters’ fee-sharing model means that I can now excel not only as a lawyer, but also as a mother.”

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Inkster, Adam Johnson and Katherine Paulin

Brian Inkster, CEO of Inksters, exclaimed “What a start to 2023!” He went on to say, “Adam’s appointment as Chief Operating Officer is a significant milestone for Inksters. It will allow me to focus on the growth of the business whilst Adam manages day-to-day operations. We have ambitious plans for the year ahead and expect to see more consultant solicitors join us, very possibly in new locations. Katherine joining us in Dunkeld adds a twelfth location to Inksters network in Scotland and kicks off what I expect to be a very exciting year for the business.”

Hubs and Spokes

Inksters have developed a model where senior lawyers can work as a collective, with enhanced technology and back-office support. Where a hub-and-spoke model exists with a back office “hub” (in Glasgow) and “spokes” elsewhere (currently in Aberdeen, Dunkeld, Edinburgh, Eigg, Forfar, Inverness, Lerwick, Portree, Renfrew, Thurso and Wick).

Plug & Play Law

Inksters’ Plug & Play Law model gives you nine benefits as a self-employed consultant in a fee-sharing law firm compared to setting up on your own or with others or, indeed, being employed by or in partnership with other solicitors. You:-

  • Can just do law
  • Have complete flexibility on your own terms
  • Get the reward for what you do via a fee-share
  • Reduce your costs
  • Get all the benefits that a larger organisation can offer
  • Become part of an award winning law firm
  • Have access to a diverse range of clients
  • Have the best technology to assist you
  • Get Brian Inkster

For more details do download the Plug & Play Law Brochure.

If it interests you, do contact Brian Inkster for a chat.

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