Forward Thinking Law Conference 2023

Forward Thinking Law

Forward Thinking Law Conference 2023

Forward Thinking Law Conference 2023 - Inksters - Brian Inkster - Moving Forward Presentation

At Inksters we held our Forward Thinking Law Conference in the Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow over two days this past week.

It has been an annual event for many years now but this was the first one post pandemic. So there had, as a result of Covid-19, been a  three year gap.

It was great to have everyone back in the room again. Because of the geographical reach that Inksters has, I hadn’t seen some of my colleagues during those three long years.

Forward Thinking Law Conference 2023 - Team Inksters

Forward Thinking Law Conference Sessions

At the Forward Thinking Law Conference we had sessions on:-

  • Moving Forward after the Pandemic
  • An Introduction to Inksters’ new Chief Operating Officer
  • Anti Money Laundering looking in particular at Originating Source of Funds/Wealth and Risk Assessment
  • Pricing and Feeing
  • IT Improvements and Implementation
  • Cyber Security and Phishing
  • Customer Service

Forward Thinking Law Conference 2023 - Inksters - Adam Johnson

We avoided the pointless hype topics that so many legal conferences fall for. So no blockchain, NFT, metaverse or ChatGPT sessions! Although we probably could never have avoided the flavour of the month, ChatGPT, being mentioned, as it was, from the audience.

Also, no sponsors so no one selling anything to you!

Forward Thinking Law Conference World Café Workshops

Some of the Forward Thinking Law Conference sessions took on the World Café workshop format, with participants moving between different topic tables and writing their thoughts on paper tablecloths.

Forward Thinking Law Conference 2023 - Team Inksters - World Cafe Workshops

Not Just Lawyers

Throughout the Forward Thinking Law Conference there were sessions on ‘Meet Team Inksters’. With so many new faces joining Inksters at the moment (8 new team members over the last 3 months alone) it was a good opportunity for everyone to get to know one another a little better. We found out an interesting fact or two about Team Inksters. Discovering that in our midst we had, amongst other things, the following skills:-

  • Opera Singer
  • Horror Author
  • Soay Sheep Breeder
  • Magicians
  • Actors
  • Ex International Boxer
  • Martial Artist

Meet Team Inksters - Not Just Lawyers

Social Event

The Forward Thinking Law Conference wasn’t just about the CPD. It was very much an opportunity for everyone in Team Inksters to socialise which they did over the various breaks and in particular the evening drinks reception followed by dinner. We even had late night entertainment from our newly discovered in-house magicians. Perhaps next year we will hear the opera singer sing!

Team Inksters - Drinks Reception - Grand Central Hotel - Glasgow - January 2023

Forward Thinking Law: The Best Legal Conference

I make a point every year of going to a number of legal practice/technology/innovation conferences. But none of those beat our own homegrown Forward Thinking Law Conference. We have a tailored programme to assist Inksters’ team to move forward and make the most of the forthcoming year for their own personal benefit and for the benefit of the firm as a whole.

The Best Legal Conference

“A Great Place of Work”

I am biased of course, but it is heartening to see that the views of others, with no skin in the game, match my own. Sue Ingram, HR specialist at Converse Well, who facilitated some of the conference sessions wrote:-

Just writing to congratulate you on the Inksters’ Forward Thinking Law Conference.

I have attended many corporate training days, team events and socials over the years and rarely, if ever, have I experienced such a joyous, professional and sincerely bonded team event! I would suggest that Inksters is amongst the very few organisations that allows each person to show up as themselves and to then genuinely respect and celebrate them for doing so. The diversity of talents and interests across the company was amazing! Further to that I could discern no difference between solicitors and support staff in respect to their commitment to Inksters and contribution to the discussions. It was obvious that each person viewed themselves as a valued member of the Inksters’ team and the spontaneous appreciation shown for each function at the end of the conference was both sincere and moving.

And the evening event was one of my best nights out in a long time! Not something often said of a CPD, work conference event. I heard gales of laughter from all around the room and I understand that, for some, it went on into the early hours of the morning! It was clear people felt the same way as myself as, once the conference was officially announced as over, all remained where they were and the conversations continued. All!

Brian, just wanted to say thank you for providing such a wonderful event and providing the proof that it is possible to build a great place of work.

Sue Ingram - Converse Well

Sue Ingram – Converse Well

The annual Forward Thinking Law Conference is only open to members of Team Inksters to attend or to invited speakers. If you think you could contribute as a speaker at a future conference do let me know. If you want to attend as a member of Team Inksters do get in touch to see if it would be mutually beneficial for you to join our Plug & Play Law model.

Plug & Play Law

Inksters’ Plug & Play Law model gives you nine benefits as a self-employed consultant in a fee-sharing law firm compared to setting up on your own or with others or, indeed, being employed by or in partnership with other solicitors. As well as being able to attend the annual Forward Thinking Law Conference you:-

  • Can just do law
  • Have complete flexibility on your own terms
  • Get the reward for what you do via a fee-share
  • Reduce your costs
  • Get all the benefits that a larger organisation can offer
  • Become part of an award winning law firm
  • Have access to a diverse range of clients
  • Have the best technology to assist you
  • Get me, Brian Inkster

For more details do download the Plug & Play Law Brochure.

If it interests you, do contact me, Brian Inkster, for a chat.

You never know, next year you could be lucky enough to be attending the Forward Thinking Law Conference!

Brian Inkster
Founder & CEO | Inksters

Forward Thinking Law Conference 2023 - Team Inksters

Image Credits: All photos by Iain McLean Photography