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60% of Consultant Solicitors at Inksters are Women

60% of Consultant Solicitors are Women

On International Women’s Day we are proud at Inksters to say that 60% of our consultant solicitors are women. And 63% of our entire team are women. A Structure that benefits Consultant Solicitors who are Women Unlike most law firms, at Inksters we don’t have a hierarchical structure. Our structure is flat. Our structure benefits consultant solicitors…
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International Women's Day 2022 - Stephanie Christie-Carmichael and Jackie Jobson who both joined Inksters during the pandemic

66.66% are Women

At Inksters we are proud to say, on International Women’s Day, that 66.66% of our people are women. A healthy increase, up from 52% two years ago. Over the past two years, and all during the pandemic, we have added 5 new consultant solicitors to our team, and 4 of those are women: Stephanie Christie-Carmichael…
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