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One to One Support for Consultant Solicitors

One to One Support

Hot on the heels of a fee-share law firm appearing in Scotland and claiming wrongly to be the first we now have two others arguing on social media over who provides the most support to their consultant solicitors. One said they provide the most support with 50 support staff. A second said that first one should have gone to Specsavers as with 100 support staff the second has more.

But is the important thing not the ratio of support staff to consultant solicitors? So let’s look at the competing claims with that in mind.

The firm with 50 support staff have 400 consultant solicitors. So a ratio of 1 support to 8 consultants.

The firm saying on social media that they have 100 support staff (although strangely their website says they have 50) have 350 consultant solicitors. So a ratio of 1 support to 3.5 consultants  (or 1 support to 7 consultants if their website paints a truer picture). Whatever the case the second firm still wins with more support per consultant than the first firm. So maybe the first one should have gone to Specsavers.

However, north of the border, Inksters has a ratio of almost 1 support to 1 consultant. Which arguably beats both hands down. So maybe they both need to go to Specsavers along with the third one who thought they were first fee-share law firm in Scotland!

Furthermore Inksters’ consultants don’t need to pay any extra for the support that they need over and above the fee-share arrangement. 

Not all fee-share law firms are the same. 

Inksters’ Plug & Play Law model gives you nine benefits as a self-employed consultant compared to setting up on your own or with others or, indeed, being employed by or in partnership with other solicitors. You:-

  • Can just do law
  • Have complete flexibility on your own terms
  • Are rewarded for what you do
  • Reduce your costs
  • Get all the benefits that a larger organisation can offer
  • Become part of an award winning law firm
  • Have access to a diverse range of clients
  • Have the best technology to assist you
  • Get Brian Inkster

For more details do download the Plug & Play Law Guide.

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